Want to achieve your new year’s resolutions? Make them SMART!

happy-new-year-1063797_1280 Many of us start the New Year with a list of high level or even unachievable resolutions e.g. to lose weight or to run every day for a year (OK, so maybe that’s achievable for some, but I imagine not for a lot of us mere mortals) so it’s not surprising that we get to the end of the year feeling despondent and unenthusiastic about the resolutions we had made. We may start with goodRead More »

Ditching the to-do list


I love a to-do list. I love lists in general, but a to-do list is one of my favourites. Since having children, the only thing I have found that helps me from being driven mad by my ‘mumnesia’ is a to-do list (there’s more about this in my previous post ‘From Baby Brain to Mumnesia’). My ability to remember even the simplest of tasks appeared to take a downward spiral from theRead More »

Restoring blog-life balance


Last week I published a post on how I was struggling with my blog-life balance (you can read that post here: Do I need more blog-life balance?). I was 6 weeks into this new blog and feeling a little overwhelmed. I love writing and starting this blog is one of the best things I have done. However, I had completely underestimated how much time blogging takes! When I started this venture, I knew that I would need to find time to write posts Read More »

The delight of counting sleeps

There is much excitement and anticipation in our house at the moment. My children share a birthday and turn 4 and 6 next week. My son has been impatient to turn 6 since his fifth birthday. My little girl can’t wait to turn 4 because, in her mind, everything happens when you’re 4 – like starting school, eating birthday cake, getting taller, learning to swim and generally just being grown up (though ‘not as grown up as you mummy because you’re quite old now’. Gee, thanks for reminding me!).Read More »