Taking Stock

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Do you ever have those days where everything just seems to be too much? Yesterday was one of those days for me. With a to-do list the length of my arm and not enough hours in the day, I reached a flight or fight situation. I chose flight. Nothing too drastic I have to add – I just gave up on the day, giving in to a well needed early night.Read More »

Ditching the to-do list


I love a to-do list. I love lists in general, but a to-do list is one of my favourites. Since having children, the only thing I have found that helps me from being driven mad by my ‘mumnesia’ is a to-do list (there’s more about this in my previous post ‘From Baby Brain to Mumnesia’). My ability to remember even the simplest of tasks appeared to take a downward spiral from theRead More »

10 minutes to calm


With the school holidays in full flow, and working three days a week, I’m finding that I have even less time to myself at the moment. Any thoughts of prioritising ‘me time’ and relaxation have well and truly gone to pot! Things are definitely more relaxed in the house during the holidays, especially without the chaotic mornings and not having to do the school run, but I’m missing the time to myself that I try to squeeze into each day.

Finding myself in a bit of a grump this morning (serious lack of sleep at the moment), I realised that I really do need that time each day where I just focus on my own calm and relaxation. So I’ve decided to make a plan to fit in at least 10 minutes of ‘me time’ every day throughout the summer holidays (and hopefully beyond that too). Some of my ’10 minutes to calm’ include:
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12 tips for a calmer working day

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Work can be stressful. From busy work-loads to tight schedules, fitting in everything we need to get done at work, as well as having a life outside of work, can be a challenge. Trying to manage that stress and staying on top of everything is something that has left me feeling overwhelmed in the past, particularly since having children. I’m definitely still learning how to juggle the work-life balance, but there are lessons that I have learnt over my 16 years’ of working that help me manage my work on a daily basis (though admittedly, some I find easier than others!). Below are some tips that have helped me, and some that I am still working on to be honest, but if you are struggling with work-life balance and find yourself getting stressed over work, I hope these will help you too:Read More »

3 small steps to a more harmonious life

After a couple of days which have really been testing my journey to find health and harmony, I realised that there are certain things that I could stop doing to bring a little more calm into my life. I did wonder whether I should name this post: ‘5 things I’m going to start doing…’ to give it more of a positive slant, but after what I can only describe as an utterly horrendous trip to the supermarket with my 4-year-old yesterday (over tired, emotional and hungry – and that was just me!), I realised that there really are things I can stop doing to make my life a little easier. You’ve probably guessed the first one! So from now on, I will:Read More »