Keeping that summer feeling


As I looked out of my window today, the rain pouring down and grey clouds over the Mendip hills, I started to feel a bit sad about the end of summer. Having been teased by a couple of lovely, sunny days last week, I’m feeling a little cheated by the colder, wet days we’ve had here recently.

I just feel better in the summer. I have more energy and motivation, and I’m not quite so grumpy about getting up in the mornings (still a bit grumpy, but definitely not as much). I alsoRead More »

Why I’m on the journey to find health and harmony


I’ve been struggling with this healthy living thing over the last few weeks. It hasn’t been helped by the fact that a back injury has stopped me from exercising and that seems to have affected my motivation to eat healthily too. As a result, I’ve felt more sluggish than usual and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my mood, motivation and tolerance levels. I soon discovered that not exercising and opting for cake instead of fruit is a slippery slope and a slope that I need to jump off as soon as possible.

In my previous post, ‘Why I NEED exercise’, I talked about the impact that not exercising isRead More »

Why I NEED exercise


Since having children, I’d put my own health and fitness to the bottom of the pile of priorities which meant that I pretty much did no regular exercise. I’d had half attempts at the latest fitness videos that promised to make me look like a toned goddess in only 5 minutes a day, and had several failed starts at running (I don’t recommend trying to start any outdoor sporting activity in the midst of a cold, wet and dark winter if you`re a fitness-phobe like I was – it does nothing for the motivation!).Read More »