This is site is intended to be a place for sharing great insight and content related to work-life harmony. I’ve had a number of requests from people wanting to contribute content for the site, so I’m now accepting original posts from guest writers. Tips, examples and research into managing and achieving work-life harmony are of particular interest to readers.

If you’re interested in submitting content for the site, there are some guidelines to be followed:

  1. Length: 800-1600 words as a general guideline but longer, quality content will be considered too
  2. Topic: Content needs to be related to work-life harmony, but topic areas are pretty open. So anything from work-life balance, finding time to exercise, being a working parent, time saving tools etc. is fine
  3. Original content: The submitted article must be an original and not published anywhere else. You can, of course, reference the article and reprint snippets of the article as long as the original article is referenced
  4. No sales – of any kind: It’s completely acceptable to reference your site, products and services in the context of work-life harmony, but no blatant advertisements please
  5. If you’re including images, please ensure you have the full rights to use them

Submitting your article

Please submit your article as a word document and email it to

In addition to your article, please also include the following:

  • Your name
  • Short bio
  • Link to your website/blog
  • Links to your social media profiles