Operation declutter

apartment-162212_1280Do you ever get the feeling that the walls are caving in on you? Well I had that feeling today. After a clear up after Christmas last weekend and taking down the decorations, I thought the house would seem a littles less cluttered. It turns out that just taking down Christmas decorations and a bit of hovering doesn’t actually get rid of the clutter though. So today, I looked around our house, feeling quite claustrophobic and finally accepted that we just have too much stuff.

I am a BIG hoarder. I like to keep things ‘just in case’. The problem is though that those ‘just in case’ moments rarely happen. As a result, we (or I) have collected a lot of things that we no longer use or need. Examples of these include:

  • 2 prams – our children are now 4 and 6. Don’t think we’ll need those anymore!
  • 2 high chairs – as above!
  • Baby bottles – err, as above again
  • A baby steriliser – think you get the problem here…
  • A gazillion books – mostly read. Some I will definitely keep but the vast majority I’m unlikely to ever pick up again
  • 3 pairs of old jeans for decorating – I won’t tell you the last time I picked up a paint brush!
  • Old towels that I’ve kept for absolutely no reason whatsoever
  • Shoes galore
  • A mountain of paper work
  • And the list goes on…

Just reading that list makes me realise how much we need to have a big clear out. So my mission over the next month is to completely declutter the house. From paperwork to old clothes, nothing will be left untouched. I’m feeling a bit daunted by the prospect but I have no doubt that a less cluttered house will be a good thing for all the family. Wish me luck!  Any hints or tips much appreciated 🙂

10 thoughts on “Operation declutter

  1. if you come up with any useful suggestions on what to do with all the baby paraphernalia please let me know! I have the same sort of problem and I can’t quite bring myself to just chuck out the things that cost several hundred pounds to acquire!!


  2. Ooh good luck with the clear out, I so need to do this! I’m a terrible hoarder too, the only tip I really have is to tackle one room at a time- the whole house in one go is too overwhelming. Xx


  3. I’m doing this too! My son is now 7 so please don’t feel bad. I didn’t think of myself as hoarder until I had a baby. Children’s things have so much emotion attached to them it can be hard to let go, but I have now embraced the ‘urge to purge’ in 2016. I’m doing a nearly new sale with my cousin this weekend to give lots of lovely toys new homes and my boot is full of books for a local charity shop too. My advice is just to start…even with something really small. Once you get going, it’s much easier to maintain momentum. I started with my lingerie draw (!) just before Christmas, and ended up clearing my wardrobe, shoe cupboard and my son’s toys over the holidays. Like you, I’m working my way through the whole house – including a stuffed loft and groaning shed but I’ve given myself the year to do it. I’m sure we’ll get there. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


  4. I too am a big hoarder. But I might need these things someday! If the item hasn’t been used in a year or two then I have no problem throwing them away. I’m fairly ruthless during a clean out & throw out as much as possible. Good luck with your clean out! My tip is to have a black rubbish bag handy – throw things in as you go, tie it & don’t look inside again (or you will start pulling out lol) x


    • Hoarding is definitely my downfall. Not looking inside the bag is a good idea. I’m bound to find something in there that I may need no time soon but find an excuse to keep it! Thanks for the tips 🙂 x

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  5. Decluttering leaves you feeling alive and fresh! Go for it, just get the kids out of the house and go for it! It truly is worth while. Make sure you do it when you are in a non-sentimental mood too, trust me it helps.


    • I really do need to do it. So far I seem to have done quite a bit of mental preparation and even bought storage. It seems such a daunting task! But I now have a plan and need to get started and be ruthless. Hx


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