Operation declutter

apartment-162212_1280Do you ever get the feeling that the walls are caving in on you? Well I had that feeling today. After a clear up after Christmas last weekend and taking down the decorations, I thought the house would seem a littles less cluttered. It turns out that just taking down Christmas decorations and a bit of hovering doesn’t actually get rid of the clutter though. So today, I looked around our house, feeling quite claustrophobic and finally accepted that we just have too much stuff.Read More »

Want to achieve your new year’s resolutions? Make them SMART!

happy-new-year-1063797_1280 Many of us start the New Year with a list of high level or even unachievable resolutions e.g. to lose weight or to run every day for a year (OK, so maybe that’s achievable for some, but I imagine not for a lot of us mere mortals) so it’s not surprising that we get to the end of the year feeling despondent and unenthusiastic about the resolutions we had made. We may start with goodRead More »