Time to press the ‘pause’ button


Do you ever have those weeks, or even months, where life just seems to move along so quickly that you can barely keep up? I have no idea how it is already mid-October. It only seems like a minute ago that my youngest was starting school at the start of September and we’re on the home-straight to half-term already!

I’m fortunate to work three days a week, which means that I do get two days to myself while the children are at school. For the first time in six years, I naively thought that I’d have two whole days of catching up on chores, keeping on top of the housework and, yes I admit, meeting friends for coffee. What I hadn’t realised is that the school day just flies! By the time I’ve done the school drop off, in the blink of an eye, it’s time to pick the kids up again.

Lately I feel like I’ve been rushing around from one thing to another with no time to really stop and relax. My good intentions to blog for a few hours on my days off have completely gone to pot.  This is the first blog post I’ve written in a few weeks (and thank you to my lovely friend for inspiring me to get writing again!). Today I have opted to ignore the large heap of washing and ironing that needs to be done in favour of crossing at least one thing off my to-do list that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks.

But I know I’m not alone in this mayhem. I was greeted by an equally rushed school mum today at the school gates this morning, and honestly, it was comforting to know I’m not alone in the chaos. If my lovely, organised friend is rushing around, what hope do the disorganised amongst us have?!

More than ever, I feel the need to press ‘pause’ and take some time to just stop and relax. Lately I’ve forgotten my own advice to find ’10 minutes to calm’ in every day. The ever-moving pieces of my life are showing little sign of slowing down so this post is to help remind me, and hopefully others too, that we need to take time out of our hectic days and find time to restore our own balance and harmony. It’s time to find that pause button!

6 thoughts on “Time to press the ‘pause’ button

  1. Oh yes! My days are flying by since I had baby #2 (Master J) back in August. Can’t believe he’s already 10 weeks old. In particular, days when his big sister is at nursery go by SO quickly and before I know it I’m back to juggling baby and toddler again!


  2. I have to agree with you. It is so important to give time to yourself. I too leave the ironing piles until I actually need them. My bedroom is a mess! You don’t want to go there! Really! So you are not alone on this one. I do it too. Make time for yourself too. Thanks for linking up with me. x #FabFridayPost


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