Keeping that summer feeling


As I looked out of my window today, the rain pouring down and grey clouds over the Mendip hills, I started to feel a bit sad about the end of summer. Having been teased by a couple of lovely, sunny days last week, I’m feeling a little cheated by the colder, wet days we’ve had here recently.

I just feel better in the summer. I have more energy and motivation, and I’m not quite so grumpy about getting up in the mornings (still a bit grumpy, but definitely not as much). I also seem to have healthier habits in the summer. I eat more healthily, pamper myself a little more and get much more fresh air. Today, I’ve just wanted to hibernate!

I started thinking about how I can keep that summer feeling going for as long as possible.  Relocating to Barbados for the UK winter isn’t really an option (sadly!), but there must be a way to avoid spending the colder months curled up on my sofa dreaming of spring.

The biggest challenge I have during winter is a drop in my energy levels. Whether it’s the shorter days, lack of sunshine or my struggle to not spend the winter eating comfort food, I quite often find it harder to find some get up and go. My energy seems to disappear with the warmer, longer days of summer. It’s only mid-September, and already I’m starting to struggle with this.

Having made progress in my journey to find a healthier and more balanced life over the last few months, I’m determined not to lose motivation over the winter. So today, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle and how I can stay focused as the days continue to draw in over the coming weeks and months.

So how am I going to keep motivated and fight the urge to hide under my duvet as the days get colder? This is my action plan:

  • Get out in the daylight every day – rain or shine, I’m determined to get out in the fresh air and daylight each day
  • Eat healthily – I definitely have tendency to turn to comfort food in the winter, so I’m going to find some healthy alternatives this year
  • Exercise regularly – It’s easy for my motivation to exercise to drop after the summer months. Last winter, I didn’t let the rain, fog or snow stop me from getting outside for a run so I’ll be dusting off my winter kit so that I’m prepared for those winter runs this year
  • Ditch the TV – it’s all too easy to spend the dark evenings in front of the TV. This year, I’m determined to spend less time in front of the television and ‘do something less boring instead’ (anyone else remember ‘Why don’t you?’!)
  • Get up early – I’m really not a morning person and really struggle to get out of bed when I know it’s cold and dark outside. But I also know that my mornings are so much more stressful when I keep hitting that snooze button and we end up with less time to get ready
  • Make plans – I’m going to make sure I have things in the diary to look forward to and to stop me from hibernating the winter away

I know it’s still only September, but I’m determined to start getting this action plan in place now to stay motivated and to hopefully keep me on the path to a healthier and happier winter. If we could just have a few warmer, sunnier days before the summer ends though, that would be appreciated!

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35 thoughts on “Keeping that summer feeling

  1. Great post Helen. The nights are definitely drawing in but I particularly liked your reminder to get outside in the daylight during the winter. The suggestion I’d add would be to find like-minded friends and make a habit of meeting up to do something outdoors such as walking the dog or taking the kids to the park.


  2. I know exactly what you mean about losing motivation over the winter! You have some very good ideas about trying to keep energy/motivation levels up. I am sure that positive start will help. How lovely to live near the Mendips! Thanks for sharing #PicknMix


  3. I think make plans, number 5, is the biggest for me…we looked into the Autumn calendar and realised we had stopped planning anything which made us feel very flat and unsummery indeed and now working on turning that around. Great advice! #sundaystars


    • Great to hear you’re making plans. I’ve been busy doing the same. Just hoping I can keep it going when it starts getting cold and dark! We’ve had some lovely sunny days here lately which has made it easier 🙂

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  4. Great post 🙂 I’m determined to spend as much time outside as possible this winter. I’ve loved spending so much time outside with my toddler over the summer, I definitely want to continue that. And you always feel better after spending time outside. Definitely agree with feeling worse after snoozing the alarm, why do I always think that 10 minutes extra sleep will make me feel better?! x


    • Fresh air really does help. We’ve started walking to school in the mornings. It helps to wake us all up. And you’re so right about that pesky snooze button. I end up feeling more sluggish! Hx


  5. I am so with you on wanting to keep the summer feeling. It’s so sad when the sun isn’t out and it’s grey and rainy, you just feel so depressed! Your list is a great idea – although I’m a big TV fan haha. I’m writing upcoming events in my calendar so there’s things to look forward to, like Christmas markets and Bonfire night etc. Hopefully winter can be just as fun as summer! Sabrina xx #twinklytuesday


    • I’m glad I’m not alone. I really struggled to get up today but felt much better once we were out in the fresh air. Maybe I just need to open all the windows in the morning to let the fresh air in!


  6. Great post! I miss the summer so much, especially on days like today when I’ve been caught out in the rain three times!! On the plus side, this weekend is meant to bring an Indian Summer. Watch this space!! Thank you so much for linking up to #SundayStars xxx


  7. That’s a great list of ways to keep motivated in the colder weather – will be taking some of these on board myself. I need to stop constantly reaching for the coffee to perk me up and find some better ways instead! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  8. Yep definitely being outside is a plus at this time of year (particularly this weekend!). As is being active generally but don’t condemn the TV totally. When it’s howling/raining/freezing outside it is a great comfort to snuggle down in front of a fire and something less depressing (Strictly starting again tonight!). Though I do recognise that “vegetation” feeling. My solution – do something whilst watching TV. I knit during the winter (thinking about what I’m going to start on at the moment) but even if it’s doing a bit of ironing or sorting out the paperwork you can then feel virtuous whilst being entertained (nb this does not give carte blanche to be checking out Facebook!)

    And don’t avoid the comfort food thing – just make it yourself. Baking is far more of a winter thing in our household and is good for getting the kids away from that TV (when they’re willing!) That way you feed the comfort requirement but can also feel virtuous for a) being a home-baker and b) not succumbing to the raft of preservatives and bad sugar from the shops!


  9. I definitely agree with all of these. I too struggle and feel like we were pretty cheated out of a summer this year! I am already starting to struggle too, especially with the pitch black mornings -the alarm going off at 5.45 is so much easier when it’s light! Let’s hope we manage to keep our momentum up…it’s not looking good for me! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


    • I’m struggling more with the darker mornings. Really looking forward to half-term so we hopefully don’t have to get up as early! Thanks for hosting and sorry for the delay in responding! Hx


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