Do I need more blog-life balance?!


I hadn’t really given much thought to how much time I’m spending on blogging until my husband mentioned that I need to focus on my blog-life balance. It appears I have the blogging bug and may have become a little obsessed! I don’t think I really talk about blogging at home that much (though my husband may disagree), but I can often be found working on content, commenting on blogs, responding to comments on this blog and checking out my WordPress stats. It seems that a lot of my time outside of work and family time is spent with activities related to blogging, so I wondered if my husband has a bit of a point…

Blogging takes time

It’s only 6 weeks since I started this blog but already the hours I’ve stacked up working on and managing my blog is much more than I had initially anticipated. When I started this project, I naively thought it would be something I’d pick up every now and then, write content when I had a spare hour or so and share it with a few of my friends. Oh, how wrong I was! Blogging has turned out to be so much more.

I try to write content every few days, but it’s the other blogging related activities that take up most of my time. From checking Twitter and responding to tweets, joining link-ups, reading and commenting on other blogs, learning about Klout, Pinterest and StumbleUpon (all very much new territory for me), and reading and responding to comments on this blog, I can easily spend a few hours at a time locked into the blogging world.

Finding blog-life balance

I think my husband was only half-joking when he said I need to find blog-life balance. He probably sees me spending hours in front of my screen, after a day at work – spending hours in front of my screen. So yes, I probably do need less screen time. But it’s not that easy.  In my previous post, ‘why blogging helps with my own work-life balance’, I reflect on the positive changes blogging has given me. I genuinely love writing, and blogging has allowed me to focus on this passion.

For me, balance is all about ensuring life is filled with things you love doing and following your passions. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have a wonderful family, fantastic friends and a job I love, but I needed something for me – something that allows me to focus on my own interests, that I love doing and that hopefully helps other people too. Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time investing time on my family and work but not so much time on me and my passions. And this is where blogging fits.

Retaining the balance

Blogging is never a chore. I look forward to writing new content and connecting with other bloggers. And most of all, I feel that blogging has given me a real interest and passion that I never truly expected. So the hours I spend blogging is time that I really want to spend blogging. So is blogging really contributing to an unbalance? That would be a bit ironic given the focus of this blog!

But actually, I can see my husband’s point of view too. We actually have very little spare time with work, family life, a house in need of big DIY projects and trying to find time to relax too. I probably have been a little preoccupied with blogging because I love it. But I have to remember that there are other important things in my life too, like spending time with my husband.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll be spending less time blogging. I just need to learn to blog smarter. Now that I know how much time blogging really takes, I’m going to get more organised and plan my blogging activities around the other important parts of my life to make sure I retain some balance. I have a feeling that may be easier said than done!

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44 thoughts on “Do I need more blog-life balance?!

  1. This was exactly how I felt about 4 weeks ago. I even thought about jacking it all in. But like you, I love it. So, with a little give and take, I’m finding my balance. And giving my family the time they need my attention too. X MMT

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  2. It’s great that you are trying to find the right balance and that you enjoy writing so much. Once writing becomes a chore, that’s when the balance is all wrong, I suppose. #babybrainmondays


  3. I’ve only just started & found lunchtime at work is a great time to write posts. I don’t have enough content yet but when I do I’ll start using hootsuite to preschedule posts etc. I’m loving blogging so far but v wary of getting addicted (other half has already referred to it as my ‘latest obsession’!) xx

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  4. Blogging takes up so much time, much more than I had anticipated. I have spells where I’m obsessed and then a week when I don’t want to do any blogging (i expect this is where I’m going wrong!) Good luck in finding a balance.
    Becky x


  5. I honestly could have written this post myself! I am trying to cut back – I think my time spent on social media was making me neglect my husband and kids. I’m going to continue with the writing part but I’m not going to worry so much about promoting – that’s what I tell myself anyway! #twinklytuesday


  6. Hubby looses me every night about 8 when the little man goes down, so much that we are starting to book in date nights…at home! bonus! 🙂 it is very time consuming, Ive only been doing it for 5 months and struggling with the balance so if you learn any tricks I would love to hear them! Our forth coming holiday is scaring me… Ive promised not to blog …lol x #BabyBrainMonday

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  7. Hitting the 6 week mark myself. Blog hours are: in the morning before the little one rises, lunch hour at work (what else would I do for a whole hour?), and after little one goes to sleep. Don’t add them up…hubby gets me in the morning and after I pull myself out of my blog trance in the evening ☺ Great post! Something everyone struggles with I believe.


  8. Blogging can easily take up a lot of time. Finding balance is difficult but you will get there! I was a little crazy in the beginning, spending so much time trying to get things right. It just takes time & practice to get the hang of everything & keep improving your site. Finding a balance is a big part of it too x

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  9. Wow – congratulations on hitting 6 weeks. I feel like a complete novice and I’ve been doing it since November 2014! Sounds like you’re doing great – but balance is key. My hubby is always telling me off too. My trouble is I just procrastinate! Visiting from #momsterlink


  10. I struggled with this in the beginning, and now I’m right there with you for the second time around! I found a better balance at first, but then summer outings started eating up my daytime blogging hours. My husband knows that after my daughter goes to bed, I bolt directly for the laptop. I’d like to try to start scheduling evenings where I put computer away and spend time watching a movie or chatting with him. Visiting from #momsterslink


  11. Love this post! I feel the same way sometimes. While I have found that blogging does help with my work-life balance (I think it’s the creative outlet and having more to my identity than just work) it’s also pretty time consuming. My husband also makes comments. 😉

    Lately I haven’t been able to fit the blogging activities in though because I’m pregnant and have been sick and exhausted so my blogging time (and creativity) have been seriously lacking!

    Stopped by from #momsterslink!


    • Thank you! It really is time consuming isn’t it. I hope your morning sickness passes soon. It’s horrible to feel like that. I still can’t eat or smell ginger 6 years after taking every form if it to try and ease morning sickness. Hope you feel better. Hx


  12. I had this recently, I too love my blog. But I need to keep 2/3 evenings a week free to spend with my husband with no screen in front of me. I think it’s a process the more you get into blogging and it is so much more time consuming than I ever thought too! #momsterlink


  13. I totally agree with this post. The hours run away and being engrossed can actually make the other half a bit excluded. Of course they are supportive of our journeys but I know I’d get a bit cheesed off if he had his head in the lap top half present all the time! Nicky #twinklytuesday


  14. Ah I could’ve written this’ I’m doing exactly that now! Haha. Commenting in bed! It’s not as easy as people think but like you its my passion! Thank you for linking up to #babybrainmonday x


  15. I’ve recently made a comeback to blogging…after giving up my previous blog right before I learned I was pregnant with my daughter. I LOVE writing, but blogging can weigh me down at times. I think it’s a matter of trying to get myself noticed amidst the masses of other really interesting and talented bloggers. I’m really glad I got back into the game though. This time I’m determined to go at with a brand new perspective!

    Also, you seem to be making great progress in just a few short weeks!


    • You’re so right. I think it’s hard not to get drawn in by the novelty and excitement when we first start out. And it definitely seems to be a common thing. Hopefully blog-life balance comes with practice 🙂


  16. Oh I completely agree with this! I definitely need to be more organised with my blogging as I too find myself continuously doing it! I find it the hardest when one of my TwinklyTuesday co-hosts is off because I then have double the posts to read and generally spend all week trying to get through them – hence I am writing this comment on Monday, the day before the next linky starts! It’s been a few weeks since I read a book on the train too since I’ve been too busy blogging! I do love it but it is very easy to take up most of your spare time – and I don’t have much of that! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


    • I have enough problems keeping up with writing posts. I can’t imagine throwing a linky into the mix too! You’re doing a great job and I love #TwinklyTuesday. Thanks for hosting!:-) Helen x


  17. I can relate to everything you are saying here. It’s hard to find a good balance. However, My husband likes to watch tv when he’s not working or doing something productive around the house. So you can guarantee that if he is off work and watching tv…I am blogging. I just prefer to blog then to watch tv. When he is working I am trying to juggle so many hours blogging and then so many hours tending to the kids and house. I am getting better at utilizing my time but there are still days when I will get completely lost in my blog and the laundry just piles up. Thank you for sharing with #momsterslink. Hope to see you again!


    • It’s actually very comforting to know I’m not alone in this! My laundry basket seems to be constantly full and that was before blogging. I have no hope now I have a blog too 😉 Will definitely be back for #momsterslink. Thanks for hosting! Hx

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