Restoring blog-life balance


Last week I published a post on how I was struggling with my blog-life balance (you can read that post here: Do I need more blog-life balance?). I was 6 weeks into this new blog and feeling a little overwhelmed. I love writing and starting this blog is one of the best things I have done. However, I had completely underestimated how much time blogging takes! When I started this venture, I knew that I would need to find time to write posts Read More »

29 things about me


When I first started this blog 7 weeks ago, I really thought my main audience would be my mum, my sister and a few close friends, all of whom know quite a bit about me already. I now have over 800 followers, through one channel or another, who probably don’t know much about me. I love finding out about other bloggers and the person behind the blogs I read so I thought it might be nice if I shared a few things about me and the person behind this blog.Read More »

Discovering balance and harmony: July round-up

Discovering balance and harmony is very much a journey for me. I wanted to remind myself where the journey has taken me so far, but also to motivate me to keep going. So at the end of each month, I’ll be reviewing what I’ve learnt, key successes and plans for the following month.

July has been a really positive month in all. I discovered the world of blogging, my back injury seems to be getting better and it’s the summer holidays so things are a little more relaxed in general. I’m just glad that I don’t have to do the school run or iron school uniforms for a while!

So what did July bring…Read More »