10 minutes to calm


With the school holidays in full flow, and working three days a week, I’m finding that I have even less time to myself at the moment. Any thoughts of prioritising ‘me time’ and relaxation have well and truly gone to pot! Things are definitely more relaxed in the house during the holidays, especially without the chaotic mornings and not having to do the school run, but I’m missing the time to myself that I try to squeeze into each day.

Finding myself in a bit of a grump this morning (serious lack of sleep at the moment), I realised that I really do need that time each day where I just focus on my own calm and relaxation. So I’ve decided to make a plan to fit in at least 10 minutes of ‘me time’ every day throughout the summer holidays (and hopefully beyond that too). Some of my ’10 minutes to calm’ include:

Exercise – a quick cross-trainer or pilates session to recharge my energy levels and reduce stress

Pampering – painting my nails or my favourite Sanctuary facemask to make me look and feel better

Fresh air – a quick walk around the block to blow away the cobwebs

Aromotherapy shower – I love lavender, geranium or patchouli essential oils to help reduce stress and restore balance

Mindfulness – just 10 minutes of mindfulness is enough to improve my mental wellbeing

Listen to my favourite tunes – turning up the radio and having a sing along helps to get rid of my grumpiness (and sorry to my neighbours if you hear me!)

Writing – Writing helps me to escape from the stresses and strains of the day

And stretch – I love stretching to relax tight muscles, particularly in my shoulders (probably a sign I spend too long hunched over my laptop, tablet and phone!)

Phone a friend – catching up with friends on the phone is a great way to restore some calm to my day and to put a smile on my face

Reading – I love to lose myself in a good book to switch off from any stresses and strains

10 minutes should be manageable even on my busiest days, so I’m hoping that prioritising this ‘me time’ into my daily schedule will help to restore my calm and balance throughout the summer holidays. Fingers crossed!


7 thoughts on “10 minutes to calm

  1. All those things sound great! A long hot shower or a good book with a cup of tea are some of my favourite me-time activities. I’d like to look into mindfulness too, a friend of mine loves it.


  2. I need to do all of these things too…especially the exercise hehe! I hope you manage to find the time to get through these things…it can be suh a juggle with everything in life! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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    • It’s been so busy again that I’ve had to keep reminding myself to take time out! I have been doing more exercise though and glad to be back into that. But yes, it’s definitely a juggling act at the moment. Hx


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