Why blogging helps with my own work-life balance

I’ve been writing most of my life. From writing stories when I was a little girl to writing white papers, online articles and blog posts as an adult. I love writing. But I realised that my writing lately has very much been focused on topics specific to my day job. I needed a project that allows me to write regularly but with a more personal focus. So a couple of months ago I decided I was going to start a blog (I’m an avid reader of blog sites!).

Coming up with the blog topic was a fairly easy decision. I’m passionate about balancing the different elements of our life –
family, work, health, social life, relaxation, fitness. I’ve also been on a journey to discover my own ways of managing work-life
balance and investing in my health over the last year or so. I’m still very much on that journey, but I wanted to share my experiences with others in the hope that it might help them with discovering their own balance and harmony. What I hadn’t realised when I started this blog was that it would also help me in my own work-life balance.

How writing helps me

Over the last few years, like many of us, I’ve had to try to maintain a balance between my career and juggling a young family. I realised that I was spending so long investing in those two areas that I was forgetting about me and my needs. When I was at work I was feeling guilty about the time I wasn’t spending time with my children, and when I wasn’t at work I was feeling guilty about not being at work. It was a stressful time and I needed to do something about it. I decided I needed a hobby – something that I could do for me and something that I was passionate about. So a couple of months ago I started writing some blog posts and coming up with ideas for content. The more I worked on my site, the more excited I got about the project. Last week I published my blog and it’s already having a positive impact on my work-life balance. Here’s why:

  • Escapism: When I’m writing, I switch off from the stresses and strains of the day and become completely immersed in what I’m writing. It’s a real form of escapism for me.
  • My own identity: When I write, I no longer think of myself as Helen the employee or Helen the mum. I’m Helen the writer. When I became a mum I felt I’d lost a little bit of my identity. Writing allows me to focus on something for me and get some of that identity back.
  • A little bit of calm: When I write, I feel calmer. Writing really is a form of relaxation for me.
  • Social interaction: In my previous post, ‘Lessons and tips for working from home’, I mentioned that social isolation is one of the things I find the hardest about working from home. When I started blogging, I hadn’t realised the sense of community I would find amongst other bloggers. I’m only at the start of my blogging journey, but have already had great support from the blogging community (thank you fellow bloggers!)
  • New skills: Blogging is very much a learning curve for me, but I felt a real sense of achievement when I saw my first few blog posts on the site that I had created. From working my way around WordPress to getting to grips with Twitter, I’ve already started picking up some new skills and intend to continue learning.


Find your passion

When I started on this blogging journey a couple of months ago, I really had no idea how much I was going to love it! And I think that’s the key. I really have found a passion. I still have so much to learn, but it’s helped me to focus on something for me and to try to find a little more balance in my life.

If you’re struggling with getting the balance right between work and other elements of your life, I’d urge you to discover and invest time in your own passions. It really does help!

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21 thoughts on “Why blogging helps with my own work-life balance

  1. I also write my blog to get some time for me and it’s noticeable when work takes over, like the last few weeks, I’m not as calm and lovely and I don’t have any patience as I’m just too exhausted. It’s so important to make space for us too! #SundayStars


  2. This is such a great post – I am completely with you on that my blog is the bit of me that kind of gets ignored! I too struggle with the guilt of working and right now I’m not happy in the company I work for (big mistake moving jobs last year!) but my blog allows me to do something I love and write predominantly about something I adore (my little man!). I’ve been blogging for over a year now and it’s been a real learning curve but also something utterly wonderful that has brought with it, some fantastic opportunities for my family 🙂 #sundaystars


  3. Writing has always been a release for me, now I am a Mum of two it is my one bit of me time. I do find it quite ironic that I spend my me time writing about them, but I guess that’s what love is! This blogging world is far bigger that I expected, and I like it. My biggest issue is that I sit down with my laptop, catch up with all social media, join a couple of linkys – then I’m tired and its bed time! Not sure how to balance it all out at the moment. #sundaystars




  4. I love reading all about what blogging has given to people. My blog has now become a great friend. I write for so many reasons. But the main reason I write is for therapy. To help me express my thoughts and emotions. And I also want to help other people who I hopefully feel inspired by my blog. The blogging world is amazing. I have a wonderful group of friends through blogging who have supported me through so much. I love each of them dearly and I know that I would never have met them had it not been for my blog. Keep on writing and learning. I hope that your blog continues to give you so much. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


    • Thank you 🙂 Before I started blogging I really had no idea that I’d get hooked so quickly or what fantastic community the blogging community is. Wish I’d started earlier! Hx


  5. Fantastic post. Felt almost like you were talking about me in some ways. I think too often we forget about ourselves when so many others make demands on our time. In some ways, blogging has reminded me who *I* am, separate from all the titles people have given me in my life.


  6. I agree with all your reasons for blogging. I have found it a great way to express who I am and interact with other people which was one of my main aims when I set up the blog. Thank you for sharing, Tracey xx #happydiaries


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