The delight of counting sleeps

There is much excitement and anticipation in our house at the moment. My children share a birthday and turn 4 and 6 next week. My son has been impatient to turn 6 since his fifth birthday. My little girl can’t wait to turn 4 because, in her mind, everything happens when you’re 4 – like starting school, eating birthday cake, getting taller, learning to swim and generally just being grown up (though ‘not as grown up as you mummy because you’re quite old now’. Gee, thanks for reminding me!).

For a while now, the countdown to any event in our lives is marked by the tradition of counting down the number of sleeps. This is primarily led by my son who can now proudly show off his ability to count backwards. So every morning for the last week, without fail, my day has started with an excited 5 year old running in to our room to tell us how many sleeps there are until his birthday (currently 8 sleeps in case you were wondering). His excitement is pretty infectious and soon we’re all chatting about how we’re going to celebrate.

In my journey to try and balance out work, family life and ‘me time’, the one thing I have learnt is that having something to look forward to is so important. I need to enjoy things away from work (and sometimes away from home too) that really allow me to switch off from the day to day routine. This could be a weekend away, a shopping trip, a bit of pampering or a catch up with my friends.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the daily grind. Before you know it another weekend arrives leaving you wondering where time has gone. For me, the answer is in planning. I like a bit of spontaneity, but I also know that I can let work take over and so I need to plan in some fun. I can often have good intentions of arranging play dates, meeting up with friends and booking that well-needed pampering session but the reality is that I often find myself running out of time. So how am I going to change this?

Today is a new month and a new start. I’m going to take the lead from my children and make sure I have things to look forward to. Today I made a list of some of the fun things I want to do. So starting today, I’m going to make a point of scheduling ‘fun’ into my diary so that I don’t have another month of work-life unbalance. Some of the items on my ‘fun list’ are:

  • Plan the kids’ birthday party
  • Book the hair appointment I cancelled 3 months ago and haven’t yet had time to re-book
  • Treat myself to a pampering treatment at my favourite spa
  • Arrange a coffee and catch up with friends
  • Book a summer camping trip for the family
  • Finish the book I started a month ago

Now I’m armed with my list, it’s time to get planning. So wish me luck! Here’s hoping for a more balanced time ahead and some counting down the number of sleeps for me!

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2 thoughts on “The delight of counting sleeps

  1. This is so similar to how I run things too! I always have something to look forward to otherwise I become a little lost! Thanks for linking up to #babybrainmonday x


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