Morning routine harmony (or lack of!)

Mornings are often the most chaotic part of my day. By the time I’ve dropped my daughter at nursery and taken my son to school I feel like I’ve done a full days’ work and need a couple of hours to recover!

I have learnt that pressing the snooze button on my alarm clock isn’t worth the crazy rushing around to get everyone out of the house by 8am. But despite getting everything ready the night before, my attempts for a stress-free morning are often thwarted by a 5 year old who has no sense of urgency and is quite happy to stand around in his underpants all morning and a 3 year old who, despite choosing her outfit the night before, couldn’t possibly be seen at nursery in the denim shorts and pink t-shirt combo she chose last night. What would the other nursery children think of her turning up in such an outfit? (Seriously, I now understand why the term ‘threenager’ exists!).

My morning started at 1am today. I should have known that we were going to have a challenge on our hands when it came to the morning routine. You know when you just get that hunch that maybe your day isn’t going to start as smoothly as you would like it to? Well, this is how my day started:

  • I foolishly let my 3 year old drink a large cup of water before bedtime last night. My inner voice was saying ‘nooooo’ but my daughter’s cries of ‘mummy, I’m thirsty’ for the six-hundredth time left me regrettably ignoring those sensible inner voices and giving in to her. Queue complete change of clothes and bedding for her at 1am this morning.
  • An hour later I hear crying from my son’s bedroom because his hay fever is stopping him from sleeping. I run downstairs to get the medicine and it’s not there! I keep everything crossed that the Calpol I find will help him (it does eventually).
  • In running downstairs to retrieve the medication I manage to put my back out. I’m now hobbling around in slow motion.
  • I manage a total of 3 hours sleep. I commend anyone who can feel harmonious after so little sleep!
  • My morning continues to be hampered by:
    • Daughter having complete meltdown because I dare to give her the cereal she chose only 3 minutes beforehand
    • Daughter having complete meltdown about me putting sun cream on her
    • Daughter having complete meltdown because I haven’t put sun cream on her (I give up hobbling around trying to chase her with a sore back)
    • Daughter having complete meltdown about me getting her dressed because I might rub off her sun cream (why can’t anyone invent an easier mode of sun protection for 3 year olds!)
    • Daughter having complete meltdown because she can’t find her toy dog, Mr Darcy (I escape into the kitchen for 5 minutes to dream about Mr Darcy coming out of that lake to whisk me away from all of this morning mayhem!)

In the end, we do make it out of the house and only a few minutes late. But the morning has left me exhausted and realising that, some mornings, no amount of counting to 10 or chanting ‘ommm’ is going to help me get through the morning routine. Today I resort to chocolate muffins instead!

One thought on “Morning routine harmony (or lack of!)

  1. 1am seems overly harsh – but otherwise it all sounds very familiar: you are not alone (except in my case substitute your 3yr old for my 5 yr old.)


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